Sunday, August 9, 2009

Has the water started boiling on us?

If a frog is put in a boiling water, he quickly jumps off and saves himself. But when the same frog is put in a cold water and then heated slowly, he doesn't understand a thing and eventually boils to death.

Has the water started boiling on us? Last year it was chikun-guniya and this year it's the swine flu. Last year, it was the flood during the monsoon which killed hundreds and this year it's the lack of monsoon. Slowly but surely, the climate around us is changing and not for good.

I am not an expert on any of these things but I don't have to be one to realize how its going to affect our life going ahead. I do not want to live in a world where everybody has to wear a mask to go out of their homes. The world is far better place to pass on this fear as a legacy to our younger ones !!

Recently I saw a three year old child wearing a mask in a garden which actually forced me into writing this. Not trying to make any statement by writing all this but just trying to let it out in open. Isn't it completely shattering to see something like this?.

All this uncomfortable feeling may be completely out of the line and world may still be a good enough place for us to survive but I can no longer go on living like everything is all hunky dorey and these are nothing but minor bumps in our otherwise pretty journey.

For what it is worth, I refuse to accept this as a living condition for us. And I certainly don't want to shrug off by saying I am a huge insignificant to change any of these damn things ! If this whole thing needs a make over, I am ready to begin with small steps. If there is something being done to improve this, I am ready to join the force as a pawn. I've got my reality check alert !


  1. boy.. nature is taking its revenge.. we cut trees, polute air, add to noise polution... what else one would expect.. well it feels like yesterday we were reading about global warming future and here it is already...

  2. you need to move to the US or any country in the west where ppl share and value the concern that you have raised. In India the system itself forces us to break the law. And the poppulation of illiterate is soo high in india that very difficult for u and me to improve society. The core problem is education. India has 35% literacy rate (stats is few years back could be more now) where as US has 98%. With higher literacy rate, the core problems can be solved.